Tea tourism ティーツーリズム

Tea Experience

Best of the best in Tea Tourism.
Experience the tea ceremony held by tea farmers at the exclusive
“tea space” in the tea plantations.






①Tenchadai / ②Tenchadai / ③Chatou
Please select one of the three venues listed above.

We ask that payment be made in cash at the venue.

【Japanese tea ceremony experience with our concierge】
10,000 yen (plus tax) per person for two or more persons (tea and sweets included).
※20,000 yen (plus tax) if making a reservation for one person.
※Reservation required in advance.

The concierge is someone who has been officially certified by Ureshino Chadoki Association
after undergoing two months of training to learn about green tea and Ureshino City.

【Japanese tea ceremony experience with tea farmers】
15,000 yen (plus tax) per person for two or more persons (tea and sweets included).
※30,000 yen (plus tax) if making a reservation for one person.

For more information, please contact us at the email address below.

※It costs approximately 4,000 yen for a round trip by taxi to the venue (not included in the program fee).
※We apologize in advance in the event that we are unable to meet your request due to maintenance or other reasons.
※In the case of rain, the event will be cancelled or held in the indoor tea salon, Sawa.
※Reservation required in advance.

※Tea Tourism concierges will be in charge of the whole program during the months of April through June
due to it being the tea farmers’ busiest farming season.
※In addition, during the months of April through June, the program will be held at Tenchadai only.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Tea Butler

Tea ceremony during the stay,
attendance to the tea plantation, tea ceremony in the tea space,
We will take care of everything from tea pairing to cooking.

Tea Cycling

Bicycle trip to visit Cha-ka and sightseeing spots.


<Place to get bicycles>
Shimomura cycles(Wed : closed, Non-fixed days as well)

1938-1 Shimojuku-otsu,Ureshino, Ureshino-city(Tel:0954-27-7733)

<Rental charge>
800 yen(Bottle for tea included)

※Bring your own bicycle

Walking With Tea

Walk around Uresino Onsen and sightseeing spots holding Ureshino tea.


<Available location>
Wataya besso
738 Otu, Shimoshuku, Ureshino-cho, Ureshino-shi, Saga, 8430301, Japan

550 yen ~